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Judo and Neurodiversity: Embracing Unique Strengths on the Tatami

For a long time, the benefits of Judo for neurodiverse children (and adults) have been well known within our community. Often, the inability to find a suitable sporting outlet for a child only heightens the challenges that parents face. However, when a suitable solution can be found, it brings relief for both the child and the parent.

Recently, Kensho Judo Club was visited by Caragh McMurtry, a former British Olympic rower who is well-versed in sports for the neurodiverse. Caragh was diagnosed with autism as an adult following a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder that led to five years of drug treatments. In 2022, she and her husband founded Neurodiverse Sport to support other neurodiverse athletes and promote neuroinclusion within sport.

Caragh spent some time with the family of one of our existing students and followed his progress at Kensho Judo Club, culminating in a club visit to witness the difference that Judo can make.

Below is the blog post from Neurodiverse Sport highlighting Ieuan's Judo experience, along with other posts sharing the excellent work that this platform provides.

We hope you enjoy it...

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