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Children Judo


  • How do I book a Free Trial?
    Click on the 'Book Classes' tab. Register on either Junior or Senior Membership, select the date you wish to attend, click the time slot, then fill in your contact and payment details and submit to secure your place and your 30 day free trial. You will not be charged anything until after your 30 day free trial.
  • What should I wear for a trial class?
    A t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms will suffice for the trial class. Please make sure they have no buttons or zips on them though as these may cause injury to others. No socks needed as everyone has bare feet on the judo mat. At most times we will be able to lend a judo jacket and belt to use on the night (subject to availability).
  • How early before the lesson should I arrive?
    If you can arrive and be ready to go onto the mat at least 5 minutes before the start of the lesson that would be good.
  • Are there any changing rooms?
    For children we recommend arriving dressed in your judogi's ready to partake in the lesson. For seniors although no specific changing rooms an area to get changed is usally available. There are no showers.
  • Is there a First Aider on site?
    Instructors are First Aid Qualified.
  • Can parents watch?
    Parents are welcome to stay and watch however there are some rules as this can be distracting for the children. No coaching from the side. No calling out to your children. No offering drinks unless it's drink time. No loud talking with other parents that becomes distracting. No food or drink anywhere near the mats. Do not walk onto the mats at anytime. Switch off your mobile phones, and do not take calls in the dojo.
  • Is there parking at the club?
    There is a car park at the Redhill Dojo that can be used for students partaking in a lesson and for parents dropping off and picking up children.
  • What is the fighting (Randori) element really like? Will it be too much for my chid?
    Boys and girls really enjoy the Randori element of Judo. The instructors control the environment and although it can sound daunting the activity is natural to children and is a great way of expending their extra energy!
  • What are the judo mats like?
    We have invested heavily in our mats to be safe and fun to use. With a complete PVC Tatami mat area (40mm deep), connected together without any gaps and a mat surface area of 67.5 sq.m. we feel that our mats are perfect both for children but also adults.
  • Are the judo suits (judogi) expensive?
    Judo suits range from entry level club judogis to IJF approved judogi used in Olympic and World Championships. We provide entry level club judogis in our shop (see tab in menu above) which are suitable and relevant to the level of judo that your child will start at.
  • Do we get a club badge?
    After training for a month your child will be given the Kensho Judo Club badge which should be sewn onto their judogi (middle of the upper right arm) and worn at all times.
  • Does Kensho Judo Club do competitions?
    Yes we do. For the children we start them off (when they area ready) with intra club friendly competitions with other clubs that are known to Sensei Mike. This allows them to get a feel for what competions are like and what is involved. It also allows them (and their parents) the opportunity to see how they have improved with their Judo skills. When ready, children will be able to enter into BJA (British Judo Association) organised competitons, representing Kensho Judo Club at various locations in the UK. These can be great fun when a Kensho JC team travels to a competition and cheer each other on whilst fighting. We try and attend competitons that are local and not too far away! Every club wishes for at least two champions per age range to be discovered that make it as far as representing their country. Kensho JC will support and guide them through the BJA performance pathway in order to make this possible.
  • How often do you do gradings?
    As a way of measuring progress, grades are an important part of Judo for students. The teaching staff at Kensho JC will prepare the children (and adults) from a technical point of view to ensure they know and understand the judo they are demonstrating. When ready they will be entered into Gradings in order to try and gain their next grade. At Kensho JC we aim for two gradings per year for the children.
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