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After School Judo Club

At Kensho Judo Club, we believe in the power of collaboration and community engagement. We actively seek partnerships with likeminded schools in our local area to promote the benefits of Judo and provide valuable opportunities for students.

Our school partnership with Carrington School is designed to introduce Judo to students in a structured and safe environment. We offer tailored programs that align with school curricula and values, emphasizing the development of physical fitness, mental discipline and character building.

Just some of the benefits of joining Carrington School Judo Club are:

  1. Physical Fitness and well-being: Judo is a dynamic sport that enhances strength, agility, balance and coordination. Through our club, students can improve their overall fitness levels and develop healthy habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

  2. Self Defence and Safety: Judo teaches practical self defence techniques that promote personal safety and empower students to protect themselves should the need ever arise. Our experienced instructors ensure that students learn techniques in a controlled and supportive environment.

  3. Character Development: Judo promotes essential values such as respect, discipline, integrity and sportsmanship. Through Carrington School Judo Club, students have the opportunity to cultivate these qualities, fostering a positive and respectful school culture.

  4. Confidence and Resilience: Judo builds self-confidence by challenging students to set goals, overcome obstacles and face adversity. As they progress in their judo training, students develop resilience, perseverance and a growth mindset.

All lessons are taught by Sensei Mike Hurst. With over 40 years of Judo experience, including training in Japan alongside Olympic and World Champions, a member of the British Masters Squad, a British and Commonwealth Medalist and head coach of Kensho Judo Club also based in the Carrington School,  the students will benefit from his vast knowledge of Judo for all levels of player. 

Carrington School Judo Club is open to all year groups. Please register your child below in order to join the after school club. Each child will receive a TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL PERIOD. After this time a pro-rata rate will be charged for the remainder of the current term. When registered, Kensho Judo Club will send an email with a payment link and amount due to the email address you provide below. (Please keep an eye out for this email as may drop into spam.)



COST:                   £8.50 per weekly session

                     (paid termly via monthly subscription including initial two week free trial for new starters)

Days we train:

Mondays 3:30pm-4:30pm


Performance Space,

Carrington School

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