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Sensei Field and Sensei Mike

Sensei Mike was taught from the age of seven by Sensei Errol Field, 7th Dan. Sensei Field himself was originally trained and graded Shodan by the famous Judo Master Masutaro Otani, 8th Dan and this was reflected in the upright and flowing Japanese style of Judo that Sensei Field possessed and passed onto Sensei Mike. It is this style of traditional Judo that Sensei Mike now teaches his students.

Throughout his years of training Sensei Mike has sought to discover the original and non-diluted Judo of old, whilst at the same time keeping up with the modern developments of competitive judo techniques which continue to evolve.


Master Masutaro Otani 8th Dan


Training for a short time in Japan at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, where he experienced true Judo he further developed his own style and techniques. He is a strong believer in the need for repetitive training of technique in order to master it, with thousands of repetitions needed before the technique can truly be said to be the students own. Whilst at the Kodokan Sensei Mike trained alongside many world class judoka including Ric Blas JR who went on to represent Guam at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.


Ric Blass JR at the London 2012 Olympics. Ric was the heaviest modern Olympian weighing in at 218kg.

Sensei Mike's training partner whilst at the Kodokan in Japan; Ric Blas JR.

Sensei Mike has competed at all levels during his judo career from local competitions as a child, to winning the British Schools Team Championships as a teenager, National and International competitions as a senior player up to representing England and GBR at elite level as an older fighter. Keeping a keen interest in developments in Judo at all times Sensei Mike has had the pleasure of meeting and training with past Olympic Medalists and World Champions.


A strong believer in the physical and spiritual benefits of judo he guides his students along their own journey helping them to reach the ultimate aim of perfection in themselves and becoming a benefit to society.

Sensei Mike will work personally with his students in developing their judo strategy reflecting the individuals own skills and abilities. It is through building the individuals own personal strategy that true judo will make itself known.

Sensei Mike representing GBR at the 2018 EJU Veterans European Championships


Sensei Mike with 1981 World Champion Sensei Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki, 8th Dan


Sensei Mike winning Silver at the 2019

Commonwealth Judo Championships (Veterans)

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