Ken means "seeing," shō means "nature, essence". It is usually translated as "seeing one's (true) nature,"


Club Closed - Monday 23rd May, Thursday 26th May & Saturday 28th May
Thursday 2nd June - Please note: Club Closed for Queens Jubilee
Sunday 26th June - Tatsfield Inter Club Competition (all welcome to have a go, speak with Sensei)

Saturday Morning Crew
Saturday Morning Crew

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Eri wins Silver at 2022 British Schools Judo Championships
Eri wins Silver at 2022 British Schools Judo Championships

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Kensho Judo Club Badge
Kensho Judo Club Badge

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Saturday Morning Crew
Saturday Morning Crew

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Carrington School (formerly Warwick School)

Noke Drive

Redhill RH1 4AD

(Behind Redhill Train Station, car park on site)

Carrington School Website Here


BJA registered Kensho Judo Club based in Redhill provides children and adults the opportunity to undertake Judo lessons in a safe and friendly environment covering the Redhill, Reigate, Caterham, Horley, Dorking and surrounding areas. We teach Judo to all who want to improve their fitness and themselves at the same time as having fun and learning valuable skills. Our instructors are Dan Grades (Black belts), enhanced DBS checked and first aid trained.

We train on the following days:


5:45pm-7pm (Ages 8-16)


6pm-7:15pm (Ages 8-16)

7:30pm-8:45pm (Seniors 16+)


9am-10am (Ages 5-7)

10:15am-11:30am (Ages 8-16)

11:45am-1pm (Invited player sessions only)

Membership Fees

Membership fees are charged monthly on a subscription basis via debit card. Subscription is cancellable at anytime, there are no minimum terms or additional charges made. Kensho Judo Club charge in this way as the costs involved in running the club exist monthly regardless of when individuals train. The monthly fee covers the training fee and also includes the club annual membership costs.

Infants /Juniors / Seniors Monthly Membership Fees (1 class per week)   £30.00

To book your classes please click on the 'Book Free Trial Here' button below and select the desired class. Each booking will provide you with a 30 day FREE trial period.

Family Discounts (immediate family only, refunded retroactively)

2 Members    10%

3 Members    15%

4 Members+  20%

Club Visitors:

Non-Member visitors £10 per session (Adults only).

Sister Club Visitor (Tatsfield Martial Arts, Nutfield Judo Club, Coulsdon Martial Arts) £7.50 per session.

Services/Shift Workers:

If you are a member of the emergency services/NHS (proof will be required) who undertake shift patterns we will apply a 50% discount to your monthly fee's.

Accepted Payment Methods:

If you are not a signed up Member and are a visitor to the club please be aware we do not accept cash on the day. ALL ONE OFF PAYMENTS NEED TO BE MADE BY CARD (Visa/Mastercard/Amex accepted). 

Additional Costs:

A Judo uniform (called a judo-gi) available through the club shop (tab above).

Annual British Judo Association licence (provides insurance, allows you to grade and compete) available through the BJA website (required to be in place after trial period; No licence - No Judo!)



Junior Mon Grade Belts


Every student wants to progress and have something to show for it. In Judo we have a coloured belt system reflecting the advancement of the student according to their ability. The belt grades start with a red belt and progress through yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and then the coveted black belt.

For infant grades (5-7 year olds), these are known as Sho Awards. The Sho awards are comprised of separate awards which are designed to help coaches reward young players while they develop fundamental physical, technical, social and psychological skills. At this level the focus is on fun packed activities to develop the child’s fundamental skills, judo specific techniques, breakfalls and social skills.


For junior grades (8-14 year olds), these are known as Mon Grades, the belts have three stripes each colour so your child will progress from red belt no yellow stripes to red belt one yellow stripe, then two yellow stripes, then three yellow stripes and then move up to yellow belt (from yellow belt onwards the stripes used are red). Each coloured belt has this process; it is possible to jump stripes and belts depending on the ability of the student. There is no Black belt for juniors.

For senior grades (Aged 14+), these are known as Kyu grades, there are no red stripes and there are six different grades contained within the Kyu system following the same progression in colours as Mon Grades. After the student has progressed through the Kyu Grades and reached 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) they will then be able to grade for their Black Belt (Dan Grade).

At Kensho Judo Club we aim to grade our students at least twice a year should the student be ready. There are no automatic progressions and students have to be able to demonstrate an understanding of the grade they are wishing to obtain. By learning the theory of judo in addition to the rough and tumble of the fighting a rounded judoka is produced and the educational aspect of judo is developed. We work with the students during lesson times prior to gradings to ensure they are ready.

Senior Kyu Grade Belts


Why Judo?

According to the late Dr. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Kodokan Judo:

"Judo is the way to the most effective use of both physical and spiritual strength. By training you in attacks and defences it refines your body and your soul and helps you make the spiritual essence of judo a part of your very being. In this way you are able to perfect yourself as a person and contribute something of value to the world. This is the final goal of judo discipline."

Because of its formative character, judo represents more than merely a contribution to physical development. Judo stands for cooperation, respectfulness and values and has the power to educate, shape and teach. This makes Judo very suitable to be taken up at an early age.

At Kensho Judo club we teach Judo both from the traditional point of view encompassing all that was originally intended and also from a modern point of view where certain techniques have been removed from mainstream competition. By experiencing the complete offering of judo we feel that our judoka gain more and allow themselves to find their own path maybe towards competition or just as a regular club player; both paths are of course acceptable.


"My son has been attending Kensho Judo Club for a little under a year now. The club is very nurturing and focussed and is guiding him amazingly well. The discipline, overall training and support given to members is second to none. My sons confidence levels have grown considerably thanks to the encouragement given from Sensei Mike! Kensho Judo Club has a great combination of both a family feel along with very structured training.

Highly recommended!


"Only two weeks in and loving the way Sensei Mike runs the sessions. It's a seriously tough workout that covers pretty much every muscle group. I've felt really welcome as a beginner and have enjoyed the friendly approach. There's a lot to take in, but the guys are super patient, friendly and keen to help and teach."


Our son has come on so much since starting with Kensho. He loves the lessons and Sensei Mike has so much patience and skill in teaching the little ones the discipline they need in a fun environment. 


“My son and I joined Kensho Judo Club in 2019. The training is adaptable for all ages, levels and personalities. I was extremely impressed with Sensei Mike’s professionalism in all aspects of the sport, as my son went from beginner states to winning his first Gold medal in the local competition. Kensho Judo Club has a fun and welcoming environment, enjoyed by the both of us.” 








Self Control







A strong believer that Judo is for all, Sensei Mike will guide and help you with your Judo from the basic fundamentals to high level technical Judo. 

UKCC Level II Qualified BJA Coach.

First Aid Qualified.

DBS Checked.

Sensei Mike Hurst

Owner and Chief Instructor


With many years experience of teaching childrens Judo, Sensei Craig enjoys the training and development of the children as they progress through the grades.

Assistant Instructor

Sensei Craig Spencer


A engineer by trade and a father to one of our judokas himself, James is the clubs Child Welfare Officer and acts as a point of contact for the children or parents if needed.

Safeguard Certified

James Blair

Child Welfare Officer


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