Every student wants to progress and have something to show for it. In Judo we have a coloured belt system reflecting the advancement of the student according to their ability. The belt grades start with a red belt and progress through yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and then the coveted black belt.

For infant grades (5-7 year olds), these are known as Sho Awards. The Sho awards are comprised of separate awards which are designed to help coaches reward young players while they develop fundamental physical, technical, social and psychological skills. At this level the focus is on fun packed activities to develop the child’s fundamental skills, judo specific techniques, breakfalls and social skills.


For junior grades (8-14 year olds), these are known as Mon Grades, the belts have three stripes each colour so your child will progress from red belt no yellow stripes to red belt one yellow stripe, then two yellow stripes, then three yellow stripes and then move up to yellow belt (from yellow belt onwards the stripes used are red). Each coloured belt has this process; it is possible to jump stripes and belts depending on the ability of the student. There is no Black belt for juniors.

For senior grades (Aged 14+), these are known as Kyu grades, there are no red stripes and there are six different grades contained within the Kyu system following the same progression in colours as Mon Grades. After the student has progressed through the Kyu Grades and reached 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) they will then be able to grade for their Black Belt (Dan Grade).

At Kensho Judo Club we aim to grade our students at least twice a year should the student be ready. There are no automatic progressions and students have to be able to demonstrate an understanding of the grade they are wishing to obtain. By learning the theory of judo in addition to the rough and tumble of the fighting a rounded judoka is produced and the educational aspect of judo is developed. We work with the students during lesson times prior to gradings to ensure they are ready.



Junior Mon Grade Belts

Senior Kyu Grade Belts